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mbot3D GRID II

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The GRID II  is a third generation printer from mbot3D. This sturdy metal frame 3d printer has one of the biggest build sizes on the market for desktop 3D Printers, 260x230x200mm. It is available in single head or dual head configuration.

The new printer features an automatic build plate calibration system that guides the user through the setup and then at every print probes the surface and uses the calibrated distance. The printer also features a glass build plate , and a magnetic build plate holder making it a breeze to remove your build plate to remove your prints, which ensures your build plate calibration is kept in top condition.

The mbot3D GRID II also feature single or dual print fans to make sure your PLA prints are perfect every time!

The printer is bundled with a SD card, and an exclusive tool box with the basic tools need for maintenance of the printer.


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Product Description


Automatic Build Plate Calibration System

 icon_bp_cal The first thing you should do after unpacking your new printer is to calibrate the build plate.
This will be easier than ever due to our new calibration system, which will probe the surface at three points and guide the user how to adjust for perfect settings.

Three Point Probing of Build Plate at Every Print

The printer will probe the build plate at every print and apply the calibrated offset to make sure your prints are perfect every time.  icon_probe

Super Flat Build Plate

 icon_glass_plate The build plate base is made from unbreakable glass, which is a guarantee that the surface is super flat.

Magicfirm Build Plate Top Surface

The build plate base is laminated with a 2mm thick plastic surface designed especially for just perfect adhesion to ABS, PLA, Laywood, Laystone, flexible PLA, PET and others.  icon_top_surface

Easy Removable Build Plate with Magnetic Holder

 icon_magnetic_holder The build plate is held in place by three neodymium magnets, which enables easy access to the finished print.
By always removing the plate before removing your print you will make sure the build plate calibration is not altered by excessive force.

Single or Dual Print Fans

The extruder package includes dual/single print fans, theese fans will make sure your PLA prints are glossy and will eliminate any curling on overhangs. They are also designed with a secondary air flow that cools the feeder mechanism to make sure the filament is not softened before reaching the hotend.  icon_dualfan

Extruder Design with Spring Loaded Arm

 icon_spring_extruder The new extruder designed by Magicfirm uses a spring loaded arm to ensure that all filaments go through in a steady flow. The hotend is also redesigned to eliminate heat creep, by completely heat isolating it from the feeder mechanism. The stepper motor is cooled on backside to keep it cool regardless of print time.

Easy access to Feeder Mechanism for Maintenance

The feeder mechanism can be accessed just by snapping out the front print fans. It is suggested to clean out any plastic from the feeder wheel on a weekly basis to make sure no slipping of the filament will occur.   icon_open_extruder

All Metal Frame

 icon_frame The GRID II frame is all metal, with a cosmetic front plate in PVC, this ensures a vibration free operation at accelerated speeds.

Onboard Display and SD Card Support

The printer can be completely operated and calibrated without any computer connected.
Put your print files on the supplied SD card for printing, and then select and start the print directly on the onboard display

Print Big

 GRID_bigmodel_icon The GRID II has one of the largest build volumes in its class , with a record 260x230x200 mm.



Size 405 mm x 405 mm x 410 mm
Shipping Box 520 mm x 520 mm x 520 mm
Weight 18 Kg
AC Input 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
Power Requirements 24V DC @ 6.25 amps
Connectivity USB, SD card with SDHC support
Chassis Steel
Front Cover PVC Panel
XYZ Bearings IKO Linear Bearings
Stepper Motors 1.8° step angle with 1/16 micro stepping
Firmware Sailfish OS Firmware
Printer Host Software ReplicatorG
File Types STL
Operating Systems Windows(XP/7/8/8.1), Ubuntu Linux(10.04+), Mac OS X (10.6+)


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Dual Head, Single head